b'Kearney water trail COTTONMILL PARK SUMMER FUN DAY FOR KIDS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL1:00-DISABILITIES:AGES 10 & OLDER.$20 5:00pm,PROGRAMS - YOUTHPARKS AND TRAILS(Must register at least 7 days in advance.Please complete Intake Form when registering unless oneFriday, is already on file.) This program is designed for kids with cognitive/developmental disabilities.TheJune 17day at Cottonmill will include paddle-boating, water play, sandcastle building, mid-afternoon snack, games, hikes, and a visit to the Rotary Nature Barn.Cottonmill Lodge.Min.: 5Max.: 16NEW PARENT & ME CAMP: AGES 5-10. $20 5:30-WHITEWATER PARK! for anWant to experience all the fun of camp with mom or dad?! Here is your chance! Join us9:00pm, evening packed with all the best camp activities. Rotary Nature Barn, fishing, hiking, games,Friday, roasting marshmallows the list is endless with all the fun well have!The evening will include aAugust 12DESIGNED FOR KAYAKING AND CANOEING hotdog cookout as well. Cottonmill Lodge. Min.:8Max.:20TYPICAL SEASON LENGTH: APRIL 1-OCTOBER 31ARCHERY CAMP:AGES 9-13.$209:00-10:00am, ArchersApproachtheLine,itstimetoshoot!Inthistwo-dayWednesday-Thursday, camp we will cover basic instruction & safety, and the participantsJuly 6-7 will get to shoot at various types of targets .Wednesday class will meet in the Multipurpose Room at the Harmon Park Activity10:15am-11:15am, Center .Thursday class will meet at the Outdoor Archery Range atWednesday-Thursday, FOOT STRONG UNDERWATERABOVE WATERMeadowlark North Park. Min.: 8Max.: 12 July 6-7ENTRAPMENT RECIRCULATINGDROP-OFF HAZARDSCURRENTBUILDING BETTER BABYSITTERS:AGES 11-18. $25 9:30am-REGULATIONS AND WARNINGS: This one-day program allows youth to be certified in babysitting! This class is perfect for youth who3:30pm,Water trail users shall follow all Nebraska Boating Regulations. are looking to pursue a summer job as a babysitter as well as those who babysit on a consistent basis.Tuesday,Children, age 12 and under, are required to wear a Coast Guard approved This program will cover child development, child safety, nutrition, general care, and the business ofMay 24personalflotationdevice.Forages,13&older,allvessels(kayaks, babysitting.Students will leave with their own babysitting kit to reference for years to come.Class paddleboards, canoes & tubes) must, at minimum, carry a U.S. Coast Guard is taught by Jordan Wilbur, Nebraska Extension Assistant.Students should bring a brown bag lunch.approved flotation device for each person on board, but recommended to Parents are invited to join at 2:30 for a snack and a ceremony of celebration.Harmon Park Activity wear at all times . Center Sycamore Room.Min.:10Max.: 15 Leave no trace. Pack out all trash. Respect private property . No trespassing on east side of Kearney Canal and both sides of the N. Channel of the Platte River. (see map) SUMMERTIME SPIRIT:AGES 4-6 & 7-10. $30Ages 4-6Ages 7-10Water Trail open from sunrise to sunset . Show your spirit for summertime!Participants will learn new cheers, motions,1:00-2:00pm,2:00-3:00pm, No motorized vessels . jumps & kicks, basic stunting and learn a short routine.A short performanceMonday- Monday- Stay within your abilities and limits. will be held on the last day. Class is taught by Krista Williams, UNK CheerThursday,Thursday,Recommended to not boat alone. Coachandotherexperiencedcheerleaders.HarmonPark ActivityCenterJuly 11-14 July 11-14 Practice courtesy and keep a safe distance from other boaters. No floating upstream of 11th Avenue. Multipurpose Room.Min.: 10Max.: 24 There are two whitewater drop structures where swift water is present .UNK SAPPHIRE DANCE CAMP:AGES 6-9.$30 10:30-Comedance withus! TheUNKSapphires willteachandenhancedance11:45am, technique and fundamentals during this three-day camp.Cool hit-music will beTuesday-used to learn fun and exciting routines .Participants will learn a choreographedThursday, dance and will perform it on Thursday for parents and guests to see. HarmonJuly 5-7ADULT WEAR LIFE-VEST , NO GLASS ,NO SWIMMING Park Activity Center.Min.: 15Max.: 40SUPERVISIONHELMET ,ANDSTYROFOAM ,OROR DIVINGRECOMMENDED FOOTWEAR ALCOHOLWATER TRAIL MAP & LEGEND BE Acheck it out!CONTRACTED ESPORTS LEAGUESINSTRUCTOR!If you have a special talent that you would like FOR YOUTH to share, we are always willing to consider contracted instructors for recreational(8-12) IN THE TEEN & ADULT programs . Contracted instructors can set their PROGRAM SECTION ON PAGE 11 ! own class dates, times and fees . Contact Jade SUMMER LEAGUE STARTS IN JULY! Brown at 233-3229, or jbrown@kearneygov.org to find out more information.PG.32 PG.9'