b'reservations & rentals youth programs PROGRAMS - YOUTHRESERVATIONS & RENTALSMORNING ADVENTURES: AGES 3-4.$25The City of Kearney Park and Recreation Department has a variety of facilities and equipment available for the publicMorning Adventures is full of creativity and energy!Four themed adventures are offered this to reserve.The facilities are commonly used for reunions, receptions, weddings, birthday parties, community eventssummer.A combination of indoor and outdoor activities will be done. Arts and crafts, games, and meetings.Renting a site assures you of exclusive use.Outdoor shelters are first-come, first-served unlesssongs, hikes, and so much more! Campers must be potty trained.Harmon Park Activity Center rented.Facilities may be rented no sooner than one year in advance.With the exception of Cottonmill Lodge, allChildrens Room. Min.: 8Max.: 18indoor facilities must be rented at least seven days in advance.Our staff would be happy to provide you with more information and assist you with the reservation process.Although reservations will not be accepted over the phone,Deep Sea AdventuresStorybook AdventuresZoo Adventures Creative Adventures please give us a call at 237-4644 if you have questions. Otherwise, please stop by our office between 7:30am-5:00pm,10:30am-12:00pm, 10:30am-12:00pm, 10:30am-12:00pm, 10:30am-12:00pm,Monday-Thursday, and 7:30am-Noon, on Friday.We encourage you to visit https://cityofkearney.org/500/Rental- Tues .-Fri ., May 31 - June 3 Mon .-Thurs ., June 6-9Mon .-Thurs ., June 20-23 Mon .-Thurs ., July 25-28Information for access to reservation forms and more detailed information about each facility. Please note that alcohol is not permitted in City parks or City facilities .AFTERNOON ADVENTURES:AGES 4-6.$25Afternoon Adventures is full of creativity and energy!Four themed adventures are offered this summer.A combination of indoor and outdoor activities will be done.Let the adventure begin! Harmon Park Activity Center Childrens Room.Min.: 8Max.: 24Nerf AdventuresBeat the Heat Adventures Farm AdventuresObstacle Course 1:30-3:00pm,3:00-4:30pm,1:30-3:00pm,AdventuresMon .-Thurs ., June 6-9 Mon .-Thurs ., June 6-9 Mon .-Thurs ., June 20-23 3:00-4:30pm, Mon .-Thurs ., June 20-23YANNEY ADVENTURES MEETS HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL:Ages 5-6Ages 7-10 AGES 5-6. $30 & AGES 7-10. $35 10:30am- 1:30-4:00pm, Participants get to enjoy one of the top parks in the state while getting to learn12:00pm,Mon .-Thurs ., the production and meet the cast of Crane River Theaters High School Musical.Mon .-Thurs .,June 13-16HARMON PARK: Kids will enjoy the amenities of the park such as ride the paddle boats, climb theJune 13-16Activity Center: tower, enjoy time at the splash pad, visit the botanical gardens and more!But (Sycamore Room, River Birch Room, Conference Room,kids will also get to do a meet and greet, view sound and production, and watch rehearsal of Crane Rivers High School Musical!Kids will also be invited back to Kitchen)NestledinthebeautifulsurroundingsofYanney Park on Thursday evening to watch the performance together in our VIP Harmon Park, this facility is ideal for receptions, parties,seats!Yanney Park Environmental Resource Center.Min.: 8 Max.: 24meetings, and events.The Sycamore and River BirchYANNEY PARK:Community Rooms are each 1,464 square feet .There isMitzis Pavilion & Millys Courtyard:access to 28, 8-foot tables and 184 chairs for the roomsThisuniquely-shapedfacilityisafour-seasonpicnicYANNEY ADVENTURES: AGES 5-6. $25 & AGES 7-10. $30to be set up in a variety of way. building. The indoor pavilion has an oven, microwave,Ages 5-6Ages 7-10 Sonotorium Stage, Sonotorium and Sertoma Shelters: refrigerator, and restrooms . Mitzis can accommodateParticipants get to enjoy one of the top parks in the state!Kids will ride the paddle10:30am- 1:30-4:00pm, The Sonotorium Stage, designed in an art deco fashion,approximately45-50peopleinside,whileMilliesboats, climb the tower and take in the beautiful view, enjoy time at the splash pad,12:00pm,Mon .-Thurs ., is a fantastic venue for small to mid-sized performances .Courtyardcanfit250.Thereareapproximately50go on scavenger hunts throughout the park, visit the botanical gardens and more! Mon .-Thurs .,June 27-30TheSonotoriumSheltersareconvenientlylocated chairs and 9, 6-foot tables and 2, 4-foot tables.This program includes arts and crafts, inside and outside games and more! YanneyJune 27-30Park Environmental Resource Center.Min.: 8 Max.: 24on each side of the stage. The Sertoma Shelter is inEnvironmental Resource Center:the center of the park and can seat 100-120 people .OverlookingthelakeatYanneyPark,thisbuilding All three shelters have electricity and the Sertoma hasisequippedwithamicrowave,sink,oven/stove,aARCHWAY ADVENTURES: AGES 5-6. $30 & AGES 7-10. $35 Ages 5-6Ages 7-10 a grill . televisionwithcapabilitiestoconnectalaptopfor10:30am- 1:30-4:00pm, Experience The Archway!Kids will tour The Archway exhibit, take home their presentations, and ample counter space .The facilityown gems/fossils from their mining adventure, explore the natural habitat on12:00pm,Mon .-Thurs ., can accommodate approximately 75 people . There isscavenger hunts, feed the fish and more!Enjoy all that the beautiful ArchwayMon .-Thurs .,July 11-14access to 10, 8-foot tables and 1, 6-foot table, and 75has to offer.This program includes arts and crafts, inside and outside games andJuly 11-14 chairs for the facility to be set up in a variety of ways. more! The Archway. Min.: 8 Max.: 24Cope Amphitheater:A great venue for large performances but also worksHARMON ADVENTURES: AGES 8-11. $40for weddings .Permanentseatingfor250peopleis1:30-4:30pm,1:30-4:30pm, available, in addition to a large grass berm that canEnjoy all the adventures that Harmon Park has to offer!Our talented staff willTues .-Thurs .Mon .-Wed ., accommodate nearly 1,500 . lead the young adventurers through the rock garden, play different games onand 1:30- and 1:30-Rotary Shelter: the sport fields, go to the pool, do skits at the amphitheater, and much more! Fun9:00pm,9:00pm, activities include swimming, sports, traverse climbing wall, arts and crafts, andFriday, May 31Thurs ., July The shelter, which can seat 84-112 people, is near thegroup games .On the last day of camp, campers will have fun preparing skits,-June 3 25-28splash pads and the lake .It is equipped with a grill andenjoy an evening meal and stay at the park until 9:00pm.Harmon Park Activity electricity .Center Childrens Room. Min.:10 Max.:32PG.34 PG.7'