b'special eventshow to register SPECIAL EVENTSREGISTRATIONSATURDAY, JUNE 4walk in mail phone online scan me toYANNEY PARKregisterRACE BEGINS AT 9:00AM Race day registration begins at 8:00am at the online! Peterson Activity Center .Register by May 26 to get a t-shirt!REGISTRATION WILL OFFICIALLY BEGIN ON MONDAY, APRIL 11.REGISTRATION: AGE REQUIREMENTS:Registration will be taken on a first-come, first-servedUnless otherwise specified, participants must turn the basis.Dont wait to register because many programsage specified by August 31, 2022.reach their maximum enrollment quickly!InstructorsSPECIAL NEEDS:are not permitted to accept registration at an activity unless otherwise specified.If youor yourchildhasaspecialmedicalneed(i.e. asthma,allergy,etc),pleasenotifytheKPROffice CLASS SIZES AND WAITING LISTS: when registering .If you or your child has any other Minimumandmaximumprogramsizeshavebeenspecial needs that require accommodations in orderJUNE 24-26established.Programsnotreachingminimumto fully participate, then you must complete an IntakeJoin CHI Good Samaritan and the City of Kearney Park enrollment at least three days before the start will beForm (two weeks prior to the program) that is available cancelled .Programs are limited in size for maximumat the KPR Office.The form will be reviewed and you& Recreation Department for three days of exercise, participation and customer enjoyment .Waiting listswill then be contacted, if necessary, so a plan can becommunity spirit, and lots of fun during the 26th will be formed when programs are filled.Every attemptformed in order to enjoy the program to its full extent . Annual Community Olympic Games!If you are 18 or will be made to accommodate people on the waitingSATURDAY, JUNE 4 older, form a team of co-workers, family or friends for list .The program fee must accompany all registrations .ONLINE REGISTRATION PROGRAM:A $30 charge will be assessed on all returned checks. KearneyPark&Recreationsonlineregistration9:00amSue Bush Memorial 5k Run / Walkthe event of the summer!program is called MyRec .If you have not registered(call for an entry form) A sample of some of the events:REFUNDS: with us before, you will need to create a new household11:00am-1:00pmFamily Fishing DayObstacle Course, Bowling, Softball, Spikeball, If you wish to withdraw from a program, please do soaccount .Please go to kprreg .org .Once you are at the11:00am1:00pm - Optimist Free Lunch Swimming and more!at least three days before the start of the class and youhomescreen,pressNewAccountandfollowthe11:00am-9:00pmConcessions / Marina Openmay choose from the following options:1. Receive ainstructions to set up your household account .If youFor an entry form, call 237-4644credit slip for another KPR program.2.Money back,prefer to call-in, mail-in or stop-in to register, we still12:00-3:00pmKayak & Stand Up Paddle Board TestDEADLINE:Thursday, May 12less $5 processing fee for each program canceled . ask for you to visit kprreg .org to create your householdDrives with Cabelas &Registration is limited to the first 32 teams.FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: account first.This will help streamline the registrationKearney Whitewater Association process .Please dont hesitate to contact us at 237- 12:00-2:00pmStorybook WalkA 50% reduced fee for program registration is available4644 if you have any questions .(start at Mitzis Pavilion)for families with lower incomes .If you are currently eligibleforpublicassistanceand/ormeetincome1:00-4:00pmBotanical Garden Tourguidelines, you may complete an application for this1:30-3:00pmFlip Flop Door Charm Painting with reduced fee.You will be required to show proof ofPaint Paradiseincome and a social service I .D . 1:30-4:00pmBINGO! (Peterson Senior Center)4:00-8:30pmKids Inflatables, Games & Activities4:00-9:00pmFood Fair 5:00-5:30pmMartial Arts Performances5:30-10:00pm -Musical Entertainment at the Cope Amphitheatermany programs Purchase your swimming5:30pmRaw Slang7:00pmSlamabamafill fast, pool season pass on or8:30pmJohn Scalia & the Dirty Wordso register today! before May 23 to receive10:00pmFireworks Finale (approximate start time) TUESDAY, JULY 26PLEASE REGISTER AT LEAST 3 DAYSthe early discount.HARVEY PARKIN ADVANCE FOR ALL CLASSESMens & Womens Slow Pitch All-Star GamesUNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED GO TO PAGE 25 FORHome Run Contest for AdultsSEASON PASS OPTIONS. A fun night at the ballpark!PG.36 PG.5'